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Sebastien Dieulouard Ph.D


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Hypnosis is a natural state, accessible to all. It is a modern, scientifically recognized approach taught at universities.

Through using hypnosis, Sebastien assists you to remove the unconscious blockages preventing you from achieving your dreams.

Sebastien’s hypnosis technique is respectful of free will, and therefore only works on clients willing to do hypnosis.

He values self empowerment, ensuring you stay awake during each session. Each session is tailored to your needs.

Sebastien specializes in psychosomatic illnesses, which involve physical conditions influenced by psychological factors, such as chronic gut inflammation for example.

You can address issues like relaxation, motivation, self-confidence, healthier lifestyle habits, emotions regulation, and more (www.openhypnosis.org).

In the field of medicine, hypnosis is considered "complementary": while it does not replace therapies, it helps work with them. For example, hypnosis alone is not enough to treat cancer, but has been shown to be effective in managing the side effects of cancer chemotherapy and can assist you to reduce anxiety, improve your sleep, etc …


Hypnotism training at Paris VI University (University degree)

Former M.D. physician in France

Transitioned to exclusive focus on non-medical hypnosis to maintain specific high-level training.

Practicing in accordance with the National Guild of Hypnotists' Code of Ethics and Standards.

Not a licensed healthcare practitioner in France or the USA.

Please contact Sebastien, at 248-722-2422, if you have questions about the positive change you want to see in your life.