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Anat Shlagman is a Traditional Naturopath and founder of Traditionally Empowered Healing LLC since 2012. Anat is specializing in Relaxation, utilizing a unique tailored session (Trad Em®), combined of Reflexology, Castor oil pack, Abdominal massage and Energy work, designed to bring the autonomic nervous system to its parasympathetic state (a VERY deep state of relaxation).

Following her belief that, when body reaches this very deep state of relaxation it can start healing itself, this session shows great benefits to those who suffer from digestive issues, depression, anxiety and more.

When realizing that castor oil packs have an amazing impact when applied before a massage with designated herbal infused oils, Anat has developed a longer session (Special Condition Session), successfully targeting specific conditions, as frozen shoulder, arthritis, depression and more.

While each case is individual, and each person responds to the session differently, improvements have shown with many patients after the first special condition session.

Born in Romania, Anat’s family has moved to Israel when she was 5. She has achieved her BA in Health Services Management in 1997 and her MBA in Business Management in 2002, both from Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva Israel. Moving to Michigan in 2004, Anat quit her 6-year job as a project manager in Ramat-Gan municipality, becoming a full-time mom and wife. In 2005, Anat has become a Reiki master and a holistic practitioner, employing energy healing methods among her family and friends. In 2014 she graduated as a Traditional Naturopath from the Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts in Ann Arbor, completing a 3-year Diploma Program.

Adopting the Traditional Naturopathy approach, Anat and her family went through many life style changes seeking a healthier way of living. This included eating real foods rather than processed, utilizing ways to relax mind and body, introducing herbs as food and medicine and much more. These changes brought Anat’s family to a whole new level of health, including weight loss, increased energy levels and clarity of the mind. Experiencing these amazing shifts, Anat became passionate in helping families and individuals go through changes, which sometimes regarded impossible, to support higher levels of health.

As a mother of three, Anat realized that to maintain a healthy life style it is more productive being Relaxed rather than being Perfect. Therefore, she designed her sessions, her workshops and her products to fit each person’s individual situation, working to Encourage minor (almost invisible) changes in one’s life, which had shown an amazing long-lasting healing effect with many.


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