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Personalized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment therapy that has been evolving for decades.  PrTMS providers use low amplitude, non-invasive, magnetic pulses to stimulate or suppress out-of-sync neuronal activity in functional brain areas.

What is different about PrTMS?

Standard TMS only stimulates one area of the brain using the identical settings for every patient.  Personalized repetitive TMS institutes the use of an EEG brain scan which takes only 4 minutes to complete.  The EEG shows how all areas of the brain are functioning.

The information from the EEG allows all of a person's brain waves to be evaluated and custom settings to be formulated.  As a person progresses through the treatments, the frequency, pulses, and amplitude will need to adjusted to accomodate the brain's improved level of functioning.  Consequently, a new EEG is needed after every 5 treatments.

Another difference that sets PrTMS apart is that 3-4 areas of the brain are stimulated during the treatment instead of just 1 in standard TMS.

What does it treat?

TMS is FDA approved for depression, anxiety, and OCD.

PrTMS is additionally being used off-label for many other neurological issues, such as migraines, autism, PTSD, concussions, ADHD, tinnitus, and cerebral palsy, with upwards of 90% response rates.

People who want to just have their brains “optimized” are also seeing great improvements, such as feeling calmer and happier, sleeping better, less snoring, better relationships, increased sports performance, and simply enjoying life more.

PrTMS can be used on children as young as 4 years old.

How many treatments do I need?

Treatments are given once to twice daily, 5 days/week. For most issues, it takes a minimum of 40 treatments to achieve optimal performance. For some disorders, such as autism, bipolar, and pre-Alzheimer's, it takes much longer and sometimes patients only just begin to see improvements at 20-40 treatments.

How Does It Work?

Most people start off at optimal performance, but through trauma, abuse, addiction, or other outside factors, the brain can be thrown out of balance.  With personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (PrTMS), we can offer a customized treatment plan to balance and improve brain function for better mood, improved focus, sleep, motivation, and anxiety relief.

What should I expect?

• You fill out a subjective patient questionare that uses industry standard neurocognitive panel via tablet to help the doctor understand how you're feeling and functioning.

• A Peaklogic™ quantitative electroephalograph (qEEG) analysis is conducted with a non invasive measurement cap that monitors brain performance at 19 different points in just 4 minutes.

• An automated analysis identifies your optimal frequency at which neurons are most effectively stimulated.

• Personalized protocol delivers stimulation to multiple locations of the brain in each session.

• Daily treatment is recommended over a period of several weeks.

PrTMS treatments are conducted under the supervision of Dr. Katherine Erlich.  Please fill out the form below for more information and how to schedule a consultation.

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